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New undergraduate Certificate in Law approved by Ministry 

(March 9, 2017)

Certificate in Law courses

Registration is already in full swing, and a full complement of courses is planned for summer 2017. Now, the groundbreaking Queen’s Law Certificate in Law has just been approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.  

“We’re pleased to receive Ministry approval for this innovative program,” says Dean Bill Flanagan. “As Canada’s first undergraduate Certificate in Law to be offered online by a law faculty, we will be helping meet what is clearly a strong demand for legal education across the country.  

“The certificate will not only benefit students by strengthening their legal literacy and career and academic prospects,” he continues. “It will also be applicable to a wide range of professionals, including people working in business, public service and a broad range of other sectors.”

The breadth of courses making up the Certificate is part of its overall appeal. In addition to the fundamental overview course Introduction to Canadian Law, the Certificate includes Aboriginal Law, Workplace Law and Corporate Law. 

Each subject is being created by an expert in its field. “Building the Aboriginal Law course has been tremendously rewarding,” says Hugo Choquette, course developer and current Aboriginal Law instructor at Queen’s Law. “Not only does it address fundamental issues and rights with respect to the Indigenous peoples of Canada, but also provides insights that will be valuable to many people working with Aboriginal peoples in a number of areas, including economic and resource development.” 

The Certificate is part of a broader educational initiative at Queen’s Law that sees the school exploring new digital modes of education and forms of teaching. The school is embarking on a number of educational initiatives that include educational research, supporting the adoption of blended and online learning strategies, and exploring new classroom technologies such as Echo360, and artificially intelligent legal simulations.

“We’re bringing these courses to our students through online platforms that enable students to take advantage of their accessibility and flexibility,” says Dirk Rodenburg, Director of Undergraduate and Professional Development at Queen’s Law. “It’s an exciting time in online education, and we are actively partnering with development teams at Queen’s to find and adopt techniques, technologies and strategies that enhance student learning and retention.” 

With registration for the four Certificate courses already past 50% for the summer session, the Ministry’s approval is well-timed. “Our students will be able to complete their summer classes with a clear path to this innovative accreditation,” Rodenburg says. “With more courses currently in development, we look forward to the Certificate in Law becoming a tremendous asset to anyone seeking to broaden their legal knowledge, regardless of their location.” 

To find out more about the Certificate in Law, visit http://certificate.queenslaw.ca