Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

Former members, Dean's and Alberta Councils 

Dean's Council circa 1993

The Dean's Council circa 1993. 

The following people have graciously contributed their time and energy to the Queen's Law Dean's Council or Alberta Council in the past: 

Dean's Council Emeriti: 

T. Anthony Ball, Law'90
Hon. Douglas Belch, Law'67
Hon. Jennifer Blishen, Law'77
Hon. Rose Boyko, Law’80
Fay Brunning, Law'87
Don Carter, Law’66 (Dean, 1993-1998)
Kathleen Cowick, Law'01
Hon. Thomas Cromwell, Law’76
Birkin Culp, Law’97
Brenda Dunbar, Law’92
Chris Ellis, Law'99
Sherri Fountain, Law’89
Jeremy Freedman, Law'82
Hon. Nola Garton, Law'73
Hon. Alison Harvison-Young (Dean, 1998-2005)
Thomas A. Houston, Law'78 (Com'75)
Greg Johns, Law'88
Bill Johnson, Law'68 
Gerard Kennedy, Law'10
Peter Lukasiewicz, Law'79
Carman Overholt, Law’84
Claire Kennedy, Law'94
Alex Mesbur, Law’66
Malini Moorthy, Law'94
Leslie O'Donoghue, Law'88
Hon. Mark Peacock, Law'74
Wilfrid Peters, Law’62
Michael Pickard 
Philip Ponting, Law'72
Connie Reeve, Law’82
J. Gregory Richards, Law'79
Victoria Russell, Law'75
W. Iain Scott, Law'77
Stephen Sigurdson, Law'84  
Senator David Smith, Law’70
Michael Smith, Law'90
Hon. Jo'Anne Strekaf, Law'80
Beth Symes, Law’76
Carolyn Tate, Law’90
George Thomson, Law’65
Kent Thomson, Law'82
Geraldine Tepper, Law’60
Bruce Treichel, Law'92
Steven Trumper, Law'80
Hon. Bonnie Warkentin, Law'89

Alberta Council: 

Mike Casey, Law'72
Catherine Valestuk, Law'91