Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

Learn legal fundamentals at the undergraduate level, in both blended and online formats.

The Queen’s Law Certificate in Law is Canada’s only undergraduate law program to be offered by a law faculty both online and in a blended format on campus. Students can benefit from individual courses or work toward the full Certificate in Law.

Prepared and delivered by the Queen’s University Faculty of Law, the Certificate in Law is comprised of four 3.0-credit (single term) courses (12 credits total), including:

  • LAW 201/701– Introduction to Canadian Law
  • LAW 202/702 – Aboriginal Law
  • LAW 203/703– Workplace Law
  • LAW 204/704 – Corporate Law

Students can complete Certificate courses in any order, but should begin with LAW 201/701 for an introduction to the foundations of Canadian common law.

For full details on the Certificate in Law and the courses that comprise it, please visit