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Manoj Dias-Abey commenced as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace in 2016. Manoj’s current research looks at the strategies civil society organizations use to improve the working conditions of migrant farmworkers, especially given the nature of the globalized food system. Manoj is interested in the broader issue of emerging worker organizations—e.g. innovative unions, worker centres, legal clinics, activist and advocacy bodies, transnational advocacy networks, and social movements—and how these organizations and movements draw upon, and are limited and transformed by, the legal environment.

Manoj recently completed his PhD at the Queen’s University Faculty of Law. His dissertation was titled “Sandcastles of Hope? Civil Society Organizations and the Working Conditions of Migrant Farmworkers in North America.” Manoj's graduate study was supported by a number of fellowships and grants, including the Michael D. Failes Graduate Fellowship in Labour & Employment Law. He also holds a LLM (Research) and BA/LLB from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Before deciding to pursue an academic career, Manoj worked as a lawyer in private practice, an editor/writer at a legal publishing company, and a policy officer with the Australian government.

Manoj is an alumnus of the King’s College Transnational Law Summer Institute (2015) and the co-convener of the Queen’s University Migration, Citizenship and Democratic Participation workshop. He is also a member of the Law & Society Association and the Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and the Humanities.

Manoj will be a visiting scholar at the Centre for the Study of Law & Society (UC Berkeley) in the Fall 2016 term.

Some of Manoj’s publications can be found on his academia.edu page.


  • Labour law
  • Immigration law
  • Law & society
  • Regulatory studies