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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

Wanjiru Njoya is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law. She joined Queen’s Law in 2013, after several years teaching at various universities in the UK including Kent, Oxford and the London School of Economics. She has law degrees from Nairobi (LLB with first class honours), Hull (LLM with distinction) and Cambridge (PhD, with a thesis on the law and economics of corporate governance). Her most recent publications focus on the distributional implications of corporate enterprise, notably in “The Problem of Income Inequality: Lord Wedderburn on Fat Cats, Corporate Governance and Workers” (2015) 44 Industrial Law Journal 394.

Professor Njoya is also a research associate of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge University. Her research appears in leading journals including the Industrial Law Journal, the Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal and the Journal of Corporate Law Studies. She was recently awarded research funding by the CPA Centre for Governance at the Smith School of Business, to work on a project titled “The Financialization of Corporate Governance: Implications for Wage Distribution.”

Research interests

  • Legal and philosophical foundations of capitalism
  • Corporate governance, economic liberty and social welfare

Recent Work



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