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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

Conference: October 2-3, 2015

Constitutional Culture: Identities, Texts, Institutions

On October 2nd and 3rd, Queen’s Law will host “Constitutional Culture: Identities, Texts, Institutions”, a two-day conference co-organized with the Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv University and generously supported by the Jeremy and Judith Freedman Family Foundation.

Speakers from Queen’s, Tel Aviv, and leading American and Canadian law schools will explore the ways in which constitution and culture interact in a variety of contexts, such as the creation and drafting of constitutions, constitutional interpretation, rights protection, the role of supreme courts, and legislators’ engagement with constitutions. Comparing Canada’s and Israel’s relatively new and still emerging constitutional cultures with the United States’ longer and established constitutional tradition, and bringing in international, comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives, the conference will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the ways in which constitutions shape cultures and cultures shape constitutions.

Religious freedoms, LGBT rights, immigration, equality, the language of rights, judicial opinion writing, and politicians’ responses to judicial activism will be among the topical and complex matters discussed in what is guaranteed to be a lively and fascinating gathering.

The conference program can be downloaded here

Talks will take place at the John Deutsch University Centre at Queen's. Registration for this event is free. To register, please contact Natalie Moniz-Henne at natalie.henne@queensu.ca