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Welcome to Queen’s Law!

Here, dozens of students pursue their LLM and PhDs under the supervision of leading legal scholars. At Queen’s, we think small is beautiful: our programs are intimate and friendly, which means our graduate students enjoy meaningful, ongoing relationships with their supervisors and other faculty members. Our size offers other advantages, too: our campus is perfectly walkable, and the city of Kingston is compact enough to put campus life affordably close to downtown living, with a great music and arts scene and thriving local economy.

We’re ranked high among Canadian law schools, in large part due to the variety of fields and depth of expertise in legal scholarship that our faculty represents. Queen’s Law is home to a Research Centre, a Canada Research Chair, and a named Professorship in business law. Much of our work is dedicated to the public good, and our faculty – ranging from established leaders in legal scholarship to young up-and-comers in academia – reflect that.  

We also try to take care of our students. Queen’s Law offers guaranteed funding packages to all accepted students, and many of our domestic scholars are successful in applying for SSHRC and other national awards.  We also assist our international students with applications for Ontario Graduate Scholarships and other awards.

We’re very proud of the contributions that our graduates have made to legal scholarship, legal practice and public service over the past four decades. Our graduates can be found on the law faculties of most Canadian universities, and in law schools outside Canada as well. They also work in private practice, as counsel to international organizations and NGOs, as legal and policy advisors to governments, and as mediators, arbitrators, and judges.

If you have any questions about us, or our program, feel free to contact me, and welcome once again to Queen’s Law.


David Freedman LLB, MA, PhD
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies and Research)