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Faculty of Law

Santino Dau

“I’ve always been interested in law and justice,” says Santino, “and this desire got a boost from many people who encouraged me to go to law school.”

Their boost carried Santino all the way from Kenya (by way of Ethiopia and, originally, Paraing Town, South Sudan) to Kingston.

Under the supervision of Professor Sharry Aiken, Santino is pursuing his PhD on the topic of the conflict between cultural relativism and universalism in international human rights discourse. His research interests are many, including human rights, public international law, international investment law, and the law of armed conflict.

Santino has found a welcoming home at Queen’s, and in Kingston (“A nice little city with a lot of nature; nature holds a special place in my heart,” he explains), and values his studies here. “Studying law matters in fundamental and significant ways,” he says. “Besides protecting our rights and freedoms, law affects virtually every aspect of human life and institutions that regulate our conduct and choices, whether such choices are social, economic, social or political in nature.”

Santino intends to pursue a career in academia and research, but with time set aside for causes close to his heart: “I would also like to participate in various community activities with the intent to develop and promote a culture of equity, fairness or social justice,” he says.

Previous degrees:

BA, 2008, (Joint Hons. Economics and Political Science), Brock University, ON, Canada.

JD, 2012, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada.

LLM, 2014, Dalhousie University, NS, Canada,

PhD (Candidate), Queen's University, ON, Canada.


Upcoming: "On the Discourse and Search for an Appropriate System of Governance: A Case for Ethnic Federalism in South Sudan", Journal of Global Studies.