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September 2016 First Year Class Profile

General Category Statistics

Average LSAT Score 160
Average LSAT Highest Score 161
Average Cumulative Undergraduate Average 81.5%
Average Last 2 Years' Average 83.9%
First Year Class Size 203
% of class admitted in this category 90%
Access Category Statistics

The Faculty encourages applications from candidates with good academic potential whose backgrounds, experiences or qualities would allow them to make unique contributions to the law school community, the legal profession and society generally.

The Faculty encourages applications from members of historically disadvantaged or marginalized groups, from candidates who have endured some form of previous educational disadvantage and from mature candidates with impressive non-academic experience that demonstrates the skills necessary for legal studies.

Personal factors with supportive documentation to confirm the basis of the applicant's category claim may be given comparatively more weight than traditional measures of academic performance.

Average LSAT Score 157
Average LSAT Highest Score 159
Average Cumulative Undergraduate Average 78.3%
Average Last 2 Years' Average 80.8%
% of class admitted in this category 10%
Level and Type of Pre-Law Studies
Most of our students have completed a general or honours undergraduate degree; many have completed graduate degrees and some have returned to university after establishing successful careers in the workforce.*
*Statistics as of September 2015
Age and Gender
Class Profile Class of '19 Class of '18 Class of '17 Class of '16 Class of '15 Class of '14 Class of '13
General Age** 23 23 23 24 23 23 23
Mature Age** 27 35 34 36 31 32 32
Female 47% 52% 51% 45% 48% 52% 48%
Male 53% 48% 49% 55% 52% 48% 52%

​**Average age of the category