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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

International Exchanges

Queen's Law students can study for a term at another university with which the Faculty has an exchange agreement and gain full academic credit towards their J.D.  Students pay tuition at the domestic rate to Queen's University for the term they spend abroad.​

Exchanges are allocated based on selection criteria including:

  • Academic standing
  • The academic appropriateness of the exchange
  • Evidence of good character and the ability to represent Queen's Law
  • Personal / family reasons for the exchange, language facility, etc.

Queen's students on exchange must take a full course load at the host university.  Fifteen upper-year course credits are transferred to the student's J.D. degree upon production of an official transcript from the host university demonstrating that the courses have been successfully completed. Regardless of the course load taken, students may not transfer more than 15 credits. 


University of Cape Town, South Africa; 6 semester places (2 incoming places)


Fudan University, Shanghai; 1 semester place​
Jindal Global Law School, Delhi; 6 semester places
University of Hong Kong; 10 semester places
National University of Singapore; 4 semester places​


Australia & New Zealand
University of Melbourne; University-wide agreement: number varies 
University of New South Wales; University-wide agreement: number varies
University of Sydney; 6 or more semester places
University of Western Australia; University-wide agreement: number varies        Victoria University of Wellington; University-wide agreement: number varies
EBS Law School, Germany; Up to 4 semester places; up to 4 places in summer program
ESADE Law School, Spain; Up to 2 semester places
Trinity College, Dublin; Up to 4 semester places
University of Groningen, Netherlands; Up to 10 semester places Université Jean Moulin, Lyon III, France; 4 semester places (English LL.M. and French LL.B. programs)
Uppsala University, Sweden; University agreement; 2 semester places
Middle East
Tel Aviv University, Israel; 2 semester places
Koç University Faculty of Law; 1  FTE (up to two students for a single term)
University-Wide Exchanges
Queen's University also has several university-wide exchanges in which Law students can occasionally participate.  Please see the University-Wide Exchanges page.