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International Letter of Permission 

Students who want to study abroad at a law school that doesn’t have an exchange agreement with Queen’s Law should contact the Assistant Dean of Students by early January to learn more about applying to the Academic Standing and Policies Committee for a one-term International Letter of Permission.

The Committee issues up to five Letters of Permission per year, based on the quality of the academic program at the host university, and the academic and other reasons for the request. 

Be aware that while students on exchanges pay Queen's fees to Queen's University, students studying on an International Letter of Permission pay the international rate at the host university. This may be considerably higher than Queen's tuition fees. 

Students on a Letter of Permission are not eligible for exchange bursaries or other financial assistance from the Faculty or University.

Please see the Academic Calendar for information on the following:

  • Domestic Letters of Permission to Other Canadian Law Faculties
  • The Application Process and Terms of Conditions for an International Letter of Permission
  • ILOP Application Form