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This course is an introduction to the body of law that governs administrative decision-making. The course does not focus on any single substantive area of law or policy but rather on foundational rules and principles that apply across a broad swath of administrative decision-making. Through administrative law processes, the executive branch of government implements legislative policy and delivers government services in diverse fields, including public health and safety, immigration, labour relations, social benefits, securities regulation, business licensing and approvals, communications and broadcasting, and environmental protection, just to name a few. Administrative law also incorporates the law and policy arising from adjudicative tribunals, such as landlord-tenant boards, immigration tribunals, or human rights tribunals, in addition to regulatory bodies that govern energy, transportation, communications, etc.

Components: Lecture

Assessment Method: Open Book: Final 50-100%, Essay/Papers 0%-50%

Degree Requirement Fulfilled:

Prerequisite: Upper Yr JD only