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Alternative Dispute Resolution is the resolution of disputes by means of negotiation, mediation, or arbitration, rather than by trial before a judge. This course is designed to raise your awareness of your own approach to conflict, and introduce a range of theories about mediation and arbitration processes. The class will participate in simulation exercises, some of which will involve preparation of settlement documents, and will examine the relevant statutes and current studies on ADR. The course will cover mediation styles; diagnosing conversation; ethical dilemmas; dealing with difficult behavior; mediation in litigation contexts; managing conflict in the workplace; and mediating and arbitrating complex public policy disputes. The primary focus will be on the use of ADR in a variety of practice areas, including international conflict, labour mediation, financial aid, and commercial and regulatory disputes. The goal of the course is to develop settlement skills and gain a critical understanding of ADR methods. This seminar will introduce students to the theory and promise of Dispute Systems Design with the aim of training students to play a new and more creative professional role. Finally, students will be exposed to recent technological developments in negotiation such as predictive justice, legal analytics, and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to dispute resolution.

Components: Lecture

Assessment Method: Assignments 100% 

Degree Requirement Fulfilled: Practice Skills