Course ID: 207316


Students in this course are given a carefully selected actual case which has received Leave to Appeal from the Supreme Court of Canada. Along with instruction and practice presentations during the term, students will be formed into groups of Appellants and Respondents to prepare and argue this case. Factums are drafted, filed and served amongst the opposing student teams. At the end of the term the case is argued by the student teams at the Frontenac County Court House. Case selection is made with timing in mind so that the actual case will then be argued before the Supreme Court of Canada sometime shortly after the end of the course. This course examines oral advocacy skills and the preparation of facta. Students work in teams and will normally be required to participate in oral presentation exercises, conduct a moot, and draft facta for court matters under appeal.

Components: Seminar

Assessment Method: Essay/Papers 50%, Participation 50%

Degree Requirement Fulfilled: Advocacy

Prerequisite: Excl: LAW 350,360,364 or 645