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This course will provide an overview of key areas which are relevant to communications law in Canada with a focus on the regulatory framework relating to telecommunications carriers, broadcasters, the internet and other related businesses. The role of the Government, the CRTC, the Courts and international bodies in shaping that framework will be examined. Later in the course, we will cover particular recurring topics such as the attempts to regulate markets, anti-spam legislation, privacy, cybersecurity, law enforcement. In addition we will look at how regulators might respond to challenges emerging from new issues such as the internet of things, big data, fake news and the role of social media platforms. Aside from media and communications, this course will touch on issues in administrative law, constitutional law, licensing, competition law, consumer protection, freedom of expression and privacy law, so this course may be of interest to a wide range of students. 

Components: Lecture

Assessment Method: Essay/Papers 80%, Participation 20%

Degree Requirement Fulfilled:

Prerequisite: Upper Yr JD only