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The construction industry is one of the largest industries in Canada which is expanding and undergoing significant changes due to new project delivery methods, globalization of markets, and the increase of development and infrastructure. As a result, construction law, which involves the application of contract, tort and property law principles, is a rapidly growing field. In response to issues raised by industry stakeholders, Ontario's Construction Lien Amendment Act, 2017 was proposed and received Royal Assent in December 2017. Key amendments related to prompt payment and adjudication are set to come into effect in October 2019. This is an exciting time of change, and other provinces and the federal government are following in Ontario's footsteps with reviews of their own legislation and consultations with the industry. This course will examine the parties to construction and professional services contracts, procurement models, building and professional design contracts, statutory rights and remedies, bonds, bidding and tendering.

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Prerequisite: Upper Yr JD only