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 The Supreme Court of Canada has acknowledged that the contract of employment is ""unique"", and governs a ""special relationship"" between the employer and the individual non-unionized employee. This course will explore central issues and themes in employment law, and will focus on the following topics: 1) the formation of the employment contract; 2) employee or independent contractor?; 3) who is the employer?; 4) the impact of legislation upon the employment relationship (The course will focus on employment standards, pay equity, and human rights legislation); 5) termination of the employment relationship including wrongful dismissal, just cause termination; 6) the rights and remedies available to employees (including a comparison of the federal statutory regime with the provincial regime). If time permits, there will be a discussion of issues pertaining to employees with disabilities including a discussion of the workers' compensation and occupational health and safety legislative regimes.  3 credits, fall term.

Components: Lecture

Assessment Method: Open Book: Mid-term 10%, Open Book: Final 75%, Participation 15%

Degree Requirement Fulfilled:

Prerequisite: Upper Yr JD only