Course ID: 207270


This seminar examines the law as it relates to medical malpractice: how an injured patient in the healthcare system may claim compensation against healthcare professionals and organizations. Topics to be studied will include: issues in negligence law (standard of care and causation) as they relate to modern healthcare delivery; the law of informed consent, theories of liability (vicarious liability, enterprise liability); compensation for medical harm; and the place of medical malpractice in a state-controlled national medicare system. The course may also incorporate a number of additional legal and policy topics, including: the relationship between experts, science and the law; the relationship between medical malpractice and patient safety; medical error, disclosure, and apology; inquiries and inquests as agents of change; and comparative analysis of alternative models to address the harms resulting from medical malpractice.

Components: Seminar

Assessment Method: Assignments 90%, Participation 10%

Degree Requirement Fulfilled:

Prerequisite: Upper Yr JD only