Course ID: 207325


This course will focus on the various elements of advocacy involved in personal injury actions. Particular emphasis will be placed on practical application of trial techniques, strategies and key concepts for jury lawyers. Each week, students will develop their skills by applying these concepts to various cases in the instructor's law practice. Students will be active participants in the process throughout. At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to analyze any fact scenario and consider how to incorporate the key concepts into presenting an effective case before a jury. Students will learn how jurors make decisions and how that bears upon the preparation and presentation of evidence at trial. Personal injury litigation involves ingenuity, intelligence and instinct. It is not about learning the law. It is learning to be a lawyer.

Components: Seminar

Assessment Method: 

Degree Requirement Fulfilled: Advocacy

Prerequisite:  Excl: LAW 350,360,364 or 645