Queen's Law strives to ensure its students succeed: a commitment that extends to the breadth of the Queen's Law experience.

Academic Excellence

As detailed on our Academic Excellence page, Queen's Law is one of the nation's top law schools. Our faculty include some of Canada's most storied researchers in areas ranging from family to medical law. But we also have some of the sharpest young legal minds in Canada as well, producing cutting-edge research in everything from criminal sentencing to the concept of justice itself.

Our faculty are as committed in the classroom as they are to our research. We equip them with the latest tools – including new interactive learning software like Echo360, Poll Everywhere and video and collaborative tools – but also empower them to teach the way they want, up to and including electronics bans in the classroom.

The result? Forward-thinking, dynamic faculty who are invested in helping their students grow as legal scholars while being passionate about their own legal scholarship. You will find Queen's Law faculty presenting at conferences on every continent and published in every major journal – and, just as often, sitting with students in the Faculty Lounge or down the street at the Grad Club talking about legal theory and practice.

Career Development

The Queen's Law Career Development Office supports students in their path from their JD or graduate degree to the legal profession, but also takes pride in highlighting the myriad places a law degree can lead.

We offer unlimited counselling to our students, as well as a wide array of online tools, in-person workshops and training, and a standalone digital career development portal. Years of network-building and producing top-tier graduates has also given us an unparalleled network – reinforced, of course, by the feeling of community and support we build in our students, which is reflected in our alumni.

Experiential Learning

As our students know, learning is rarely confined to the classroom. Which is why Queen's Law looks beyond four walls of the classroom, giving our students experience ranging from hands-on legal clinics to far-flung exchanges to all four corners of the earth.

The Queen's Law Clinics comprise five clinics, all located in downtown Kingston. Students take on real work that directly clinic clients and our community, under the supervision of duty counsel and clinic directors. The clinics cover everything from poverty law to business law, and co-location means you learn from your fellow students in other clinics while developing hands-on expertise in your own.

Our Exchange program sends students to over 20 locales around the world. We also welcome an array of students to experience Queen's Law every year.

We also have one of the nation's leading Mooting programs, and lead students to more moots than any other law school in Canada – as well as setting aside one prestigious national moot, Hicks-Morley, for our first-year students every year.

Our Certificate program provides undergraduate students with the fundamentals of law online, but also incorporates actual case law and hands-on exercises into its course material, giving students the chance to work with the law while they learn more about it.

Student Support

Law school is competitive – some of our students say that getting into Queen's Law was the most challenging thing they've done to date! But that challenge is soon met by the rigor of law school itself. We understand that even the best of us sometimes need some help. We have an embedded equity support counselor in the law school, and a full range of student support services, starting with Queen's University's comprehensive set of services, but also including law-specific initiatives like our peer mentoring program, loaner laptops, and equity services department. Certificate program students are supported by a dedicated staff person to help manage their questions and equity requests.

We succeed when our students succeed – so we give them all the tools they need to understand and pursue their path in law.