In 1979 it dawned on newly married Len that a regular job would be a good thing. And what could be more regular than accounting? Price Waterhouse (now PwC) generously gave me a start in the UK and in 1982 I qualified as a chartered accountant. After a couple of years in the UK automotive industry it was time to settle down and start a family, and Canada seemed like a fine place to do that. So, in December 1985 I started with Canadian firm Thorne Riddell which later became KPMG. I became a partner with the firm in 1993.

My professional interests were always broad and encompassed the provision of auditing, accounting and taxation services. I have frequently acted as an advisor on issues relating to family business governance, strategy development and mergers & acquisitions. I served clients drawn from a range of industries including wholesale and retail, manufacturing and processing, distribution and transportation, tourism and hospitality, life sciences and software. In addition to my client service responsibilities, I proudly served as chair of the firm’s KPMG Enterprise Learning Council, a group of KPMG partners tasked with the development and delivery of a learning program for the firm’s staff advising private company clients.

Having served as the Managing Partner of KPMG’s Kingston office, I retired from the firm in 2014. I now teach from time to time at Queen’s and sit on the Board of Directors of a local family-owned company. After a career of regular jobs, I now delight in this irregular but rewarding phase of my career.