Leslie Green is the Professor of the Philosophy of Law and Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. He also holds a part-time appointment as Professor of Law and Distinguished University Fellow at Queen's. After beginning his teaching career at Lincoln College, Oxford, he moved to Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He has visited and taught at many other law faculties, including Berkeley, Columbia, NYU, Chicago and, for some years, at the University of Texas at Austin. He writes and teaches in the areas of jurisprudence, constitutional theory, and moral and political philosophy. He serves on the board of many journals and is co-editor of Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law.

Selected Publications

Articles and Chapters

  • ‘Positivism, Realism, and Sources of Law’, in P. Mindus & T. Spaak (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Legal Positivism, (Cambridge University Press, 2021), 39-60. [SSRN]
  • ‘Gender and the Analytical Jurisprudential Mind,’ (2020) 83 Modern Law Review 893-912 [SSRN]
  • ‘Escapable Law,’ 19 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2019), 110–124 [SSRN]
  • ‘Der Positivismus und die Untrennbarkeit von Recht und Moral,’ in  Felix Koch, Amir Mohseni and David P. Schweikard, eds. Analytische Rechtsphilosophie:  Grundlagentexte (Berlin: Suhrkamp Verlag 2019) [SSRN]
  • ‘Law and the Role of a Judge,’ in K.K. Ferzan and S.J. Moore, eds, Legal, Moral, and Metaphysical Truths (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), 322-341. [SSRN]
  • ‘The Forces of Law:  Duty, Coercion, and Power, 29 Ratio Juris (2016), 164-181. [SSRN]
  • ‘Should Law Improve Morality?’ 7 Criminal Law and Philosophy (2013), 473-494. [SSRN]
  • ‘The Morality in Law,’ in L. Duarte d’Almeida and J. Edwards, and A. Dolcetti, eds, Reading HLA Hart’s ‘The Concept of Law’ (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2013), 177-207. [SSRN]
  • ‘The Nature of Limited Government,’ in Robert George and John Keown, eds,, Reason, Morality, and the Law: The Jurisprudence of John Finnis (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012), 186-203. [SSRN]
  • ‘Jurisprudence for Foxes,’ 3 Transnational Legal Theory (2012), 150-160. [SSRN]
  • ‘Introduction’ and ‘Notes’, to HLA Hart, The Concept of Law, Third Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) [SSRN]


  • Kelsen Revisited, Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2013 (ed with L Duarte d’Almeida and J Gardner) [SSRN]
  • Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law, vols 1 -4.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 ff.  (ed with B Leiter and J Gardner) [SSRN]
  • The Authority of the State, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988, repr 1990, 2008, Chinese edition 2013 [SSRN]
  • Law and the Community: The End of Individualism?  Toronto: Carswell, 1989 (ed with A. Hutchinson). [SSRN]


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