Alumni are welcome to a Queen's Law conference on International Law at the Bader International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle.

Call for Papers


These are turbulent times for international law. The movement towards increased international integration that has marked the period since the end of the Cold War has ground to a halt and in some areas gone into reverse. Over the past two years, nationalist movements have led the United Kingdom out of the European Union and the United States out of plurilateral trade deals and the Paris Agreement. 

At the same time, there is an unparalleled interest in international law among the general public: Brexit has made the rules of the World Trade Organization a topic of daily conversation in the British media, and threats to dismantle international agreements such as NAFTA have led to a renewed appreciation of their purpose and value. 

At this challenging moment in the history of international law, Queen’s Law is organizing a global conference at the BISC: International Law at a Crossroads. All interested Queen’s Law alumni are invited to attend, providing an opportunity for any interested alumni to visit the university’s fabled caste in England and learn more about current trends in international law.

The conference panel discussions will prominently include various Queen’s Law alumni, including many graduates of the BISC international law program, who have gone on to distinguished careers in international law or related fields. In addition to the alumni attending the conference, all current students in the BISC international law program will also be invited to attend. 

We will also use the occasion to celebrate Dean Flanagan’s 14-year tenure as dean, which will come to a close in June 2019. Dean Flanagan founded the BISC international law program in 2001, and since that time over 800 students have completed the program, many moving on to careers in international law. 

The conference will be an opportunity to look back over the past 17 years of the BISC international law program, a time during which the program has seen remarkable growth and success, helping put Queen’s Law squarely on the map as one of the world’s leading law schools in the area of international law. 

Types of Presentations and Submission Procedure  

All Queen’s Law grads and friends of the BISC International Law Program are invited to attend the conference (further information on registration will follow in January). 

If you are interested in speaking at the conference, please send a proposal of no more than 300 words by email by January 15, 2019. 

There will be panels on each of the subjects taught in the International Law Programs (see the below preliminary program). We invite proposals for two types of presentations for each panel:

1. Presentations on substantive subjects in the area of law covered by the panel
2. Presentations on practical experiences in the legal field covered by the panel

Preliminary Program 

Wednesday, May 29 
Arrival and welcome reception

Thursday, May 30
Panel on International Trade Law (chaired by Valerie Hughes)
Panel on International Human Rights Law (chaired by Hugh Adsett and Michael Schoiswohl)

Keynote address by Kim Prost (Judge, International Criminal Court)

Panel on International Criminal Law (chaired by Norm Farrell and Katrina Gustafson)
Panel on International Investment Law (chaired by Nick Gallus and Anthony Vanduzer)

Careers panel, reception

Friday, May 31
Panel on International Business Transactions (chaired by Josh Karton)
Panel on Use of Force and International Humanitarian Law (chaired by Philip Drew and Alison Mitchell)

Keynote address by Stephen De Boer (Ambassador, Canadian Mission to the WTO)

Panel on International Commercial Arbitration (chaired by Matt Secomb)
Panel on International Refugee Law (chaired by Ardi Imseis)

Banquet dinner