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2018-19 Course Information

Upcoming Dates:

Date Time Description
Monday, July 16 12:00pm Shopping carts open in SOLUS
Wednesday, July 25 12:01am SOLUS opens for 2L students going into 3L
Friday, July 27 12:01am SOLUS opens for all upper-year students

Below are links to upper year course information for the 2018-19 school year. Excel versions are provided should you wish to create your own course schedule spreadsheet. In addition, the course spreadsheet consolidates information for each course indicating not only scheduled times but format, credit weight, pre and co-requisites, methods of evaluation, if the course is mandatory and if it satisfies the practice skills, advocacy or substantial term paper requirement for graduation. Course descriptions include a table of contents so you can quickly search by course to find the corresponding description. Courses are grouped by the same overarching topic areas used in the new spreadsheet and have the same indicators for pre and co-requisites and graduation requirements.

Degree Requirements

Each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her program fulfills the academic and credit requirements for the JD. The degree requirements with full details are stated in the academic calendar at http://law.queensu.ca/jd-studies/jd-academic-calendar.

  • First-year mandatory courses (36 First-year credits)
  • Credit Requirement: 59 Upper-year credits (Including Business Associations & Civil Procedure in 2L AND Legal Ethics & Professionalism in 2L or 3L)
  • Substantial term paper requirement
  • Practice skills requirement
  • Advocacy requirement
  • Residency requirement: First-year courses and a minimum of 28 upper-year credits must be taken as Queen's JD courses in residence at Queen's Faculty of Law.
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