Our compulsory curriculum covers all the fundamental subjects, including instruction in legal research, legal writing and oral advocacy. Students complete courses in:

  • Public Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Contracts Law
  • Property Law
  • Torts
  • Introduction to Legal Skills

Small Sections

Each first-year student is assigned to a small section led by a full-time professor. Students complete all first-year courses with their small section classmates; one course with just their section, and the other courses with two or three small sections combined. This system creates a supportive, interactive and collegial learning environment.

Introduction to Legal Skills

Law students will be offered a weekly plenary session offered in a group with three other small sections once a week, accompanied by a weekly timetabled tutorial session led by a Legal Skills instructor with their small section. 

The ILS course will offer first year students a comprehensive introduction to Lawyering Skills, including skills they will need as students, such as legal research and writing; and skills they will need as lawyers, such as drafting legal documents, dealing with clients and client files, ethics, and introduction to oral advocacy.  The course is a full year course, and will include large lecture sessions as well as small group work, and experience-based learning.  Students will be asked to complete a series of assignments that will increase in complexity as the year progresses.