13 September: Thank you to all of the students who tried out!  The team rosters were filled and all 2022 moots are a go!

02 September: Accepting expressions of interest for Student Researcher and Student Coach positions now.  See link below.

31 August: An earlier version of the Competitive Mooting Form used to add your moot credits was missing all of the options for credit allocation from the pull down menu. The revised form will give you the option of taking all three credits in either the fall or in the winter term, or split 3/3 for six credit courses. Please see the current version under Tryout Materials and Instructions link below.


Tryout Materials and Instructions

Everything about the Tryouts and course enrollment

Student Researchers and Student Coaches

Eligibility Rules


Moot Court Committee Members (F2021-W2022):

Professor Benjamin Ewing, Chair <benjamin.ewing@queensu.ca>
Professor Gail Henderson, Co-chair <gail.henderson@queensu.ca>
Sara Baxter, Student Rep. <sara.baxter@queensu.ca>
Dakota Bundy, Student Rep. <dakota.bundy@queensu.ca>
Carol Johnson, Program Assistant <carol.johnson@queensu.ca>