Trying Out for a Moot?

1. Read the Moot Descriptions and Pre-requisites

2. Download the Tryout Registration Form and submit it, along with an unofficial transcript, via email (deadline 24 Sept)

3. Choose either the R v Wong (criminal) or Rankin v J.J. (torts) problem for your tryout

4. Read the Tryout Instructions to help you prepare.

5. Book your tryout date and time on Sept 28, Sept. 29, or Sept. 30. Please type your first choice moot in the comment section when signing up (signup deadline 24 Sept)

(Skyping is allowed in exceptional circumstances such as being on exchange. See note below about obtaining permission).

6. Commit or cancel by 25 Sept.deadline. Out of courtesy to the judges who will otherwise be expecting you and so that we can reschedule other people, please notify by 25 September

if you are cancelling your appointment.

7. Attend your tryout. Arrive 5 minutes early and bring water.

8. Additional FAQ


You must obtain permission to SKYPE in your tryout and it has to be for an exceptional reason (eg. you are on exchange). First you must obtain permission from Professor Lisa Kerr and then contact to book a SKYPE slot. If you are given permission to book a spot not identified as a skype spot, please remember to SKYPE plus the name of your #1 ranked moot in> comment section. A "skype" notation is necessary to make sure we can identify skypers and send instructions to you.

Participating students must be Queen's Law degree candidates therefore exchange students are ineligible.

Ignore Signup Genius confirmation and reminder emails which are not always accurate - a glitch!. Follow the links to the signup to locate the correct time/date of your tryout.

If you have any questions about the tryout process or the official problem, contact student committee members and or Professor Kerr <>

If you have any questions about registration or the forms, please contact

Contact if you have any questions