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The Queen’s Law Journal is a practical-skills course that gives students in 2L and 3L the opportunity to be involved in publishing one of Canada’s leading legal journals. Students will have the opportunity to develop and advance their editing and writing skills as well as critically analyze submitted materials and comment upon the latest in legal scholarship.

The Journal is looking for students who have (1) an interest in and enthusiasm for the Queen’s Law Journal; and (2) strong writing, editing, and analytical skills, evidenced by a well-written cover letter and successfully completed editing and/or submissions assignment(s). Previous Board or Volunteer experience with the Journal, or other editorial or research experience, is an asset but is not required. Many editors join the Editorial Board without such prior experience.

Please note that successful applicants are not permitted to serve on the editorial boards of the Canadian Journal of Commercial Arbitration and the Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal.

Please see the Special Applications Page for additional information about enrolement. 

Components: Individual Study

Assessment Method: 

Degree Requirement Fulfilled: Practice Skills