Course ID: 216750


The Law Student Clerkship (Law 697) placement provides opportunities for observation and mentoring by the judges at Ontario Superior Court or at the Ontario Court of Justice in Kingston, as well as expectations for research. Each student will spend an average of two days a week (12-16 hours) on the placement. The students are required to keep a course log and write a reflective piece (10-12 pages) and the end of the term. The students will meet also meet regularly with the Faculty supervisor. Students must be in third year, and have a demonstrated interest in criminal law. This is an excellent opportunity for a student who will be applying for a Clerkship after graduation (or who has secured one). 
There will be four students selected each year, two for each term (one for each court), and each receives 6 graded credits for the term.  Students in this experiential learning placement cannot be in a Queen’s Clinic or other credit-based experiential learning setting in the same term in which they are doing the Law 697 placement but can do a Clinic or experiential course in other terms.

Please see the Special Applications Page for additional information about enrollment.

Components: Individual Learning

Assessment Method: Graded

Degree Requirement Fulfilled: Practice Skills