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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

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Members of the law faculty at Queen’s have been honoured with research awards, grants and fellowships, and they are recognized nationally and internationally as leading experts in their fields. Our faculty members are frequently asked by governments and international organizations to advise on legal and constitutional reform and on public policy issues, and they often appear before parliamentary committees to testify on legal issues of local, national and international concern.

Full-Time Faculty: Teaching & Research

(613) 533-6000

Sharryn Aiken Associate Professor 78007 aiken@queensu.ca
Bita Amani Associate Professor 74252 amanib@queensu.ca
Martha J. Bailey Professor 77734 baileym@queensu.ca
Beverley​ Baines Professor 79589 bainesb@queensu.ca
Nicholas Bala Professor 74275 bala@queensu.ca
Kevin Banks Associate Professor 79244 banksk@queensu.ca
Richard P. Chaykowski Professor, MIR Program Director, Faculty of Arts and Science, and Associate Professor Law 77071 chaykows@queensu.ca
Arthur Cockfield Professor 78296 art.cockfield@queensu.ca
Christopher Essert Assistant Professor 75693 chris.essert@queensu.ca
Bill Flanagan Professor, Dean of Law 74285 w.flanagan@queensu.ca
David Freedman Associate Professor 78528 david.freedman@queensu.ca
Leslie Green Professor 75615 leslie.green@queensu.ca
Gail Henderson Assistant Professor 75332 gail.henderson@queensu.ca
Tsvi Kahana Associate Professor 77771 kahanat@queensu.ca
Joshua Karton Associate Professor, Associate Dean, (Graduate Studies and Research) 79062 joshua.karton@queensu.ca
Lisa Kelly Assistant Professor 78531 lisa.kelly@queensu.ca
Lisa Kerr Assistant Professor 77603 lck2@queensu.ca
Mohamed F. Khimji Associate Professor and David Allgood Professor in Business Law 74282 mohamed.khimji@queensu.ca
Will Kymlicka Professor (Cross Appointed from Philosophy) 77043 kymlicka@queensu.ca
Erik S. Knutsen Professor 78360 knutsen@queensu.ca
Kathleen A. Lahey Professor 74277 kal2@queensu.ca
Nicolas Lamp Assistant Professor 79118 nicolas.lamp@queensu.ca
David Lyon Professor (Cross Appointed from Sociology) 74489 lyond@queensu.ca
Nancy McCormack Associate Professor 32465 nm4@queensu.ca
Cherie Metcalf Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Academic) 74267 metcalfc@queensu.ca
Wanjiru Njoya Assistant Professor 75824 wanjiru.njoya@queensu.ca
Bruce Pardy Professor 77570 pardyb@queensu.ca
Patricia Peppin Professor 77011 peppinp@queensu.ca
Michael Pratt Associate Professor 78599 m.pratt@queensu.ca
Darryl Robinson Associate Professor 75827 darryl.robinson@queensu.ca
Don Stuart Professor 74272 stuartd@queensu.ca
Jean Thomas Assistant Professor 77310 jean.thomas@queensu.ca
Grégoire Webber Canada Research Chair in Public Law and Philosophy of Law 78210 gregoire.webber@queensu.ca
Jacob Weinrib Assistant Professor 79649 jacob.weinrib@queensu.ca
Full-Time Faculty: Teaching

(613) 533-6000

Lynne Hanson Assistant Professor 77535 lh2@queensu.ca
Mary-Jo Maur Assistant Professor 77947 maryjo.maur@queensu.ca
Philip M. Osanic Assistant Professor   posanic@business.queensu.ca
Sessional Instructors 2016-2017
Daniel Awrey daniel.awrey@law.ox.ac.uk Principles of Financial Regulation
Anthony Ball anthony.ball@queensu.ca Negotiation
Keegan Boyd   Trial Advocacy
Colm Brannigan colm@mediate.ca Alternative Dispute Resolution
Christa Bracci christa.bracci@queensu.ca Introduction to Legal Skills
Brian Cameron bcameron@oatleyvigmond.com Personal Injury Advocacy
Donald D. Carter carterdd@queensu.ca Collective Agreement & Arbitration
Hugo Choquette hc39@queensu.ca Introduction to Legal Skills & Aboriginal Law
Ian Clarke ian.clarke@canada.ca Competition Law
Justin Connidis connidis@queensu.ca Mining Law and Policy
Darryl A. Cruz dcruz@mccarthy.ca Trial Advocacy
Samuel Dahan samuel.dahan@cantab.net Negotiation Workshop
Manoj Dias-Abey 12amd7@queensu.ca International Labour
Mark Ellis mark.ellis@bakermckenzie.com Fiduciary Obligation & Trial Advocacy
Kate Findlay   Trial Advocacy
Janet Fuhrer jfuhrer@ridoutmaybee.com Trademarks and Unfair Competition
Maureen V. Gauci maureen@gauci-mediation.com Alternative Dispute Resolution
Jonathan Goode jgoode@torkinmanes.com Construction Law
Kevin Greenspoon kgreenspoon@dwpv.com Advanced Corporate
Debra Haak debra.haak@queensu.ca Introduction to Legal Skills/ Insolvency Restructuring
Robert Hammond rob@hammondosborne.ca Alternative Dispute Resolution
Tom Harrison thomas.s.harrison@queensu.ca Legal Ethics & Professionalism
Marlin Horst marlin.horst@shibleyrighton.com Personal Property Security Act (PPSA)
Valerie Hughes valeriehugheschula@gmail.com International Trade Law
Linda Ippolito Imippolito@yahoo.ca Negotiation 
Lanny Kamin l.kamin@on.aibn.com Trial Advocacy
Peter Kissick pkissick@business.queensu.ca Corporate Law
Dhaman Kissoon dkissoon@bellnet.ca Racism and Canadian Legal Culture
Sandhya Kohli info@guidemediation.com
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Will Kymlicka kymlicka@queensu.ca International Norms of Minority Rights
Andrea Lee andrealee@glahlot.com Construction Law
Richard Lindgren r.lindgren@sympatico.ca Environmental Protection
Anastasia Lintner anastasia@lintnerlaw.ca Mining Law and Policy / Environmental Protection
Todd McCarthy todd.mccarthy@fdemlaw.com Insurance 
Karla McGrath karla.mcgrath@queensu.ca Children's Law
Kevin McElcheran kevin@mcelcheranadr.com Commercial Bankruptcy & Restructuring
Justice Donald McLeod donald.mcleod@ocj-cjo.ca Trial Advocacy
David Miller david.miller@nuffield.ox.ac.uk Slate, Nation & Social Justice
Kristin Muszynski kmuszynski@tmlegal.ca Advocacy on Motions
Warren Newman warren.newman@justice.gc.ca Comparative Constitutional
Rob Nicholls rantennis@gmail.com Advanced Corporate Law
Amy Ohler aohler@fentonlaw.ca Advanced Criminal 
Aidan O'Neill aoneill@fasken.com Copyright
Michael Perlin michael.perlin@ontario.ca Advanced Sexual Assault Law
Sonia Regenbogen sregenbogen@mathewsdinsdale.com Employment
Sarah Repka sarah.repka@ontario.ca Advanced Sexual Assault Law
Paul Salembier paul.salembier@rogers.com Legal Drafting
Geraldine Sadoway gsadoway@gmail.com International Human Rights
Melissa Seal mseal@tmlegal.ca Public Law Advocacy
Brett Seifred bseifred@dwpv.com Advanced Corporate Law
David Sharpe dsharpe@bridgingfinance.ca First Nations Negotiations
Patrick Shea patrick.shea@gowlingwlg.com Insolvency Restructuring 
Glenn Sheskay glenn.sheskay@canada.ca Communications
Ian Smith ismith@fentonlaw.ca Advanced Criminal
Martin Sorensen sorensenm@bennettjones.com Corporate Taxation
Ian Speers ian@speers-law.com Land Transactions
Todd D. Storms tstorms@tmlegal.ca Advocacy on Motions
Justice David Stratas dstratas@yahoo.com Legal Writing & Written Advocacy
Thomas Sutton tsutton@mccarthy.ca Trial Advocacy
Michael Swindley mswindley@tmlegal.ca Trial Advocacy
Cynthia Tape ctape@goodmans.ca Patent
James Vigmond jvigmond@oatleyvigmond.com Insurance
Chris Waters chris.waters@rmc.ca International Human Rights
Margaret Waddell marg@legaladvocates.ca Class Actions Practice and Procedure
Leanne Wight wight.sdc@gmail.com Negotiation
Alan Whyte awhyte@cswan.com Negotiation
Owen Wigderson owenwig@rogers.com Trial Advocacy
Joe Wilkinson jwilkinson@btzlaw.ca Trial Advocacy
Shai Wozner wozners@post.tau.ac.il Human Life in Jewish Law
Retired Professors
George W. Alexandrowicz Professor Emeritus alexndro@queensu.ca
Marvin G. Baer Professor Emeritus mgb1@queensu.ca
C. Gordon Bale Professor Emeritus jbale2@cogeco.ca
David Bonham Professor Emeritus dbonham@cswan.com
Donald D. Carter Professor Emeritus carterdd@queensu.ca
Phil Goldman   goldmanp@queensu.ca
Denis Magnusson Professor Emeritus magnussd@queensu.ca
Charlene Mandell    
Allan S. Manson Professor Emeritus mansona@queensu.ca
Susan W. Miklas   swm1@queensu.ca
David Mullan Professor Emeritus mulland@queensu.ca
Michael Pickard    
Toni Pickard   tonibluehair@cogeco.ca
Ronald R. Price Professor Emeritus rrp@queensu.ca
Stanley Sadinsky Professor Emeritus sadinsks@queensu.ca
Mark Weisberg Professor Emeritus weisberg@queensu.ca
John D. Whyte Professor Emeritus johnwhyte@sasktel.net