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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law

Michael Pratt. Photo: Greg Black

Michael Pratt is an Associate Professor of Law, cross-appointed to Philosophy, at Queen’s University. He studied at the University of Toronto, where he earned his BSc and, following an LLB from Osgoode, his LLM. He later obtained a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Sydney.

Professor Pratt joined Queen’s Law in 2003, having previously taught at the University of Queensland and the University of Alberta. He served as Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research in 2015 and 2016. Professor Pratt teaches a range of subjects in private law, including contracts, torts, remedies, and advanced issues in contract law.

Professor Pratt pursues research along two fronts. The first straddles the disciplines of law and philosophy, and is devoted primarily to understanding the role of intention and consent in the creation and extinction of legal and moral obligations. He has written widely on the philosophical foundations of voluntary obligations, such as those that are generated by contracts and promises. Professor Pratt also pursues research on the law of damages. At the end of the day it is the remedy that matters to litigants, and the law governing the award of damages is of tremendous practical importance. Professor Pratt aims to clarify how damages for certain kinds of private law wrongs are assessed.


  • Contract law
  • Philosophical foundations of contract law
  • Law of damages
  • Tort law

Recent Publications:

For a complete list of publications, please consult Professor Pratt’s CV (coming soon).


  • With J. Berryman et al., Remedies: Cases & Materials, 7th ed. Emond Montgomery, (2016)

Articles & Chapters

  • “Betterment” (2017) 40:1 Dal LJ 67-1105
  • “Consideration”, “Mistake”, and “Illegality”, in D. Percy & S. Ben-Ishai, eds.,Contracts: Cases & Commentaries, 9th edition, Carswell, (2014)
  • “Some Features of Promises and Their Obligations”, (2014) 52 Southern Journal of Philosophy 382
  • “Disclaimers of Liability and Voluntary Obligations”, (2014) 51 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 767
  • “Promises and Agreements” in B Kaldis, ed., Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (2013)
  • “Damages for Breach of Contracts with Alternative Performances”, in J. Berryman and R. Bigwood, eds., Remedies: Praxis and Pedagogy Throughout the Commonwealth, Carswell (2011)