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Faculty of Law
Faculty of Law


Jean Thomas is Assistant Professor at Queen’s Law. She is joint convenor of the Colloquium in Legal and Political Philosophy. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Master of Arts in English Literature and a Juris Doctor, as well as of New York University, with a Master of Laws and a doctorate in law. Prior to joining Queen’s, Professor Thomas was a Post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford University’s McCoy Center for Ethics in Society and a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute.


Questions at the intersection of Ethics, Meta-Ethics, and the Philosophy of Law:

  • The nature of rights
  • Private law theory, especially tort theory
  • The effect of coercion on law’s normativity
  • The nature of cultural norms
  • Human rights


For a full list of publications and other information, please see Professor Thomas' CV


  • Public Rights, Private Relations, Oxford University Press, 2015. (Hard copy | Oxford Scholarship Online
    • Reviewed: 
      • 2016  79(5)  The Modern Law Review 924-929
      • 2016  7(2)  Jurisprudence 355-364
      • 2016  78(2)  Review of Politics 337-339
      • 2016  4  Political Studies Review
      • (forthcoming) Law and Philosophy

Articles and Book Chapters: