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Jacob Weinrib is an Assistant Professor at the Queen’s Faculty of Law.  He graduated from the Combined JD/PhD Program in Law and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, where he studied as a Vanier Scholar and received the David Savan Dissertation Prize.  Before joining Queen’s, he held a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at the New York University School of Law as a Global Hauser Research Fellow in the Center for Constitutional Transitions (2013-4) and as a Dworkin-Balzan Fellow in the Center for Law and Philosophy (2014-2015).  Weinrib is the author of Dimensions of Dignity: The Theory and Practice of Modern Constitutional Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016).


Weinrib’s research lies at the intersection of legal philosophy and public law.  His overarching aim is to formulate a unified theory of the normative, institutional, and doctrinal dimensions of public law. 
Current projects include:

  • theoretical foundations of public law
  • constitutional and administrative significance of human dignity 
  • justification of leading public law doctrines, including proportionality

Recent Publications:

For a complete list of publications, please consult Professor Weinrib's CV.


  • Dimensions of Dignity: The Theory and Practice of Modern Constitutional Law (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law series, 2016). [Amazon.com] [Cambridge] [Academia.edu]

Articles and Book Chapters Published or Forthcoming:

  • "Sovereignty as a Right and as a Duty” in Claire Finkelstein and Michael Skerker (eds) Sovereignty and the New Executive Authority (Oxford: University Press, forthcoming).
  • “When Trumps Clash: Dworkin and the Doctrine of Proportionality” Ratio Juris (forthcoming) [Academia.edu] [SSRN].
    (A version of this piece in Spanish is forthcoming under the title “Cuando las Cartas del Triunfo Chocan: Dworkin y la Doctrina de la Proporcionalidad” in a collection edited by Marcelo Alegre.  Translator: Magdalena Bulit Goñi. [Academia.edu])
  • “Authority, Justice, and Public Law: A Unified Theory” (2014) 64 University of Toronto Law Journal 703-735. [SSRN] [Academia.edu]
    (A version of this piece in Russian is forthcoming in the journal Правоведение (Jurisprudence).  Translator: Vasily Tokarev.)
  • “The Modern Constitutional State: A Defense” (2014) 40 Queen’s Law Journal 165- 211. [Academia.edu]
  • “Permissive Laws and the Dynamism of Kantian Justice” (2014) 33 Law and Philosophy 105-136.  [SSRN] [Academia.edu]