Academic excellence is at the heart of what makes Queen's one of the best law schools in Canada. From our traditional strengths in criminal and family law to our growing recognition as one of Canada's leading corporate and trade law institutions, our faculty are world-class researchers who remain equally committed to innovation and excellence in the classroom.

Our faculty's research output can be seen in our Research Reports, produced biannually, but they only tell part of the story of academic excellence at Queen's Law.

Queen's Law faculty are...

  • Leaders: our faculty includes some of Canada's most recognized names in family law, corporate law, criminal law and international trade.
  • Explorers: over 1/3 of our faculty has been hired within the past five years, bringing a new generation of active and dynamic scholars driving legal studies in new and exciting directions.
  • Available: with Kingston and Queen's forming one of Canada's most walkable campuses, students spend less time in transit and more time conferring, consulting and collaborating with faculty.
  • Innovators: we have incorporated and continue to build new approaches to teaching and learning into our curriculum, including AI-driven simulations, video capture, live polling and instant feedback.
  • Traditionalists: ...and some of our faculty choose to use pure Socratic-style teaching in the classroom, with tech-free zones and a teaching approach based on conversation and interaction.

Certificate students benefit from this same pool of experience and expertise online, with courses that focus on academic excellence through the lens of real-world court cases and legislation, as well as the latest tools in online education.

You can find out more about our faculty and their research foci in the Faculty section of this website.