One of the hallmarks of a Queen’s Law degree is the commitment that many alumni take on to become community leaders and to make a positive difference in the world. All members of the legal profession ultimately have a public duty to ‘give back’ and to be community leaders, so as our students get into the habit of doing so, they’ll carry a sense of engagement and commitment with them when they graduate and into the communities where they practice.

Queen’s law has been working with local alumni to develop a strategy to increase community engagement between Kingston and the Queen’s Law communities.

Law & Leadership Summer Camp

Queen’s Law launched the Law & Leadership Summer camp in the summer of 2018 in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area and the Kingston Police. The Camp demystifies the law for local youth aged 9-12, giving them an opportunity to learn alongside law students and other members of the legal sector within Kingston about the place of law in our society and its capacity to affect change for the better.

Pathways to Education Partnership

Queen’s Law has established a new partnership with Pathways in our efforts to increase community engagement and outreach in Kingston as well as exposing law school to students who have been traditionally under-represented. Pathways to Education provides support services to at-risk high school aged youth to help them successfully graduate from high school and transition into postsecondary education, training or employment.

Queen’s Law Fall & Winter Classic

In partnership with student representatives Queen’s Law hosts a fall & winter event and profits raised will go to support the local partner organizations.