The Education & Equity Services office has a longstanding commitment and record of success in providing advocacy, information and support to law students. It serves students admitted through the access categories of admission while cultivating an environment that maximizes opportunities for all students in an effort to make legal education more inclusive and more  accessible. The Education & Equity Services office offers free and confidential tutorial services to support the academic efforts of all law students, particularly those in first year and students whose circumstances make the law school process uniquely difficult.

Queen's Faculty of Law also recognizes that students make academic and personal adjustments to cope with the demands of a competitive and rigorous program; stresses that could be further compounded by unforeseen circumstances. At Queen’s, we believe the benefits of legal education include guidance and support for students for the duration of the program. Individual supportive counselling, information and assistance concerning such needs as school-related and personal issues, special needs access and language support is available to all students.

Health and Wellness, Personal Support and Academic Assistance

Education & Equity is often the first point of contact for students seeking help for illness, disability, family or personal crisis or absences due to religious observance. The Manager of Education & Equity Services, liaises with Queen’s Student Wellness Services and the Exams Office to ensure that disability-based and language-based accommodations are provided for eligible students.

The “Happiness Project,” is a program that facilitates confidential peer matching of law students facing similar mental health or physical health challenges for mutual personal support and reinforcement of positive coping strategies. 

Services include:

  • making referrals for exam, test or classroom accommodations
  • liaising with professors
  • bringing requests to the academic standing and policies committee for extensions or deferrals
  • providing short-term supportive counseling, information and referrals
  • helping to expedite medical referrals, as appropriate
  • administering laptop loans
  • emergency financial assistance (up to $100) and limited funding for special projects, seminars and workshops related to equity and diversity issues
  • coordination with the LSS Education Equity Committee on projects enhancing diversity and equity outreach and support
  • course subject material and professors’ expectations
  • adjusting to law school and/or its culture, and getting involved
  • best practices for studying, writing outlines and exams

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