It is your responsibility to ensure that your application materials and supporting documents are complete. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered. The application is due to OLSAS by November 1. Please indicate on the OLSAS application if you are writing the LSAT after the deadline date. Reference forms must be forwarded to OLSAS and not submitted directly to Queen’s Law by you or by your referee.  Please provide the following documentation in support of your application to first-year studies:

  1. official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions attended, including those attended as a visiting student on exchange or on a study abroad program;
  2. official LSAT score(s);
  3. a personal statement (see below);
  4. confidential letters of reference (see below); and
  5. supplementary documentation to support the basis of the claim in the Aboriginal and Access categories, as necessary.


Official transcripts of all postsecondary institutions attended, including transcripts from studies as a visiting or exchange student must be ordered and sent through OLSAS. 

Foreign and Private Universities

If you are completing undergraduate studies outside of North America, you must have your foreign transcript assessed by World Education Services (WES). WES assessments are not needed for course work completed on exchange or Letter of Permission if transfer credits for such courses are recorded on the home university transcript.

If you have undertaken graduate studies outside of Canada and the United States, you are not required to have your foreign transcript assessed by WES or an equivalent service, although such assessment may be requested. Candidates from the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) are not required to have their foreign transcripts assessed by WES or an equivalent service.

Personal Statement

The personal statement:

  • allows you to highlight your academic, personal, professional and extracurricular accomplishments
  • allows you to highlight your interest in studying law at Queen’s
  • can be used to complement material included in your autobiographical sketch
  • must be authored entirely by you
  • must not exceed 6,000 characters in length, including spaces

The Admissions Committee finds the personal statement to be helpful, along with letters of reference, the autobiographical sketch and verifiers, to identify scholarship prospects among applicants who are competitive on the basis of grades and LSAT scores.

In the Access category, a secondary mandatory statement will be required (1500 character limited) and will appear on the OLSAS application after choosing the access category of admission.  Please use this section to address the basis of your access claim and upload corroboration of these circumstances through relevant supporting documentation.

Part-time studies applicants: Outline in the personal statement your reasons for wanting to study part-time.

Letters of Reference

Please provide one academic reference. No more than three letters of reference may be filed to support an application. All letters of reference are confidential and must be submitted by the referee directly to OLSAS. 

Aboriginal category: Provide at least one academic reference and corroboration of your interest in, and identification with, your Aboriginal community.

References will be asked to rank an applicant based on the following traits when submitting letters through OLSAS: Capacity for self-directed learning, critical thinking, initiative, integrity/character, interpersonal skills, judgement, leadership, maturity, oral communication, professionalism, resilience, work ethic

Supplementary Documentation

To submit supporting documentation, once your application has been submitted, you can upload these documents using the Secure Applicant Messaging tool (SAM). Log in to your submitted application to access SAM, and follow the instructions provided.

Aboriginal category: Please submit a copy of your status card or a non-academic letter of reference to corroborate your identification with an Aboriginal community.

Language Proficiency and TOEFL

An excellent command of spoken and written English is essential for success in law school. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score is required if you are not fluent in English. Test results from the iBT TOEFL are preferred. Other tests of English-language fluency may be considered, according to the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies and Research standards. Find more information about language proficiency.

Personal Information and File Retention Policy

Your files are kept for one year after the initial application in the event that you re-apply. Thereafter, if you do not register, your files are destroyed, unless we receive information about misconduct in the application process. Applicant information provided in electronic format and remitted by OLSAS is collected in our admissions database. This information will be saved in our admissions database for at least 10 years to permit longitudinal or statistical studies, reports or queries pertinent to recruitment, admissions, diversity of the applicant pool and registrant populations, enrollment management, retention and academic progress. Information pertaining to admitted applicants who register at Queen’s may be used for the purpose of participating in correlation studies conducted by the Law School Admission Council to assess the predictive value of the LSAT score and grades at the time of admission in relation to performance in first‑year law. The application documentation submitted on admission is retained as part of the student file for students who are admitted and register at Queen’s Faculty of Law. Such information is held confidentially in the Student Services Office and used in accordance with the privacy and access to information policies of Queen’s University. Personal information may be disclosed to regulatory authorities, law enforcement officials or other persons when authorized or required by law. For details, see the Office of the University Registrar’s website. Questions may be addressed to the Assistant Dean of Students in the Faculty of Law.


Provision of false or misleading information or failure to provide material information will invalidate the application and will result in immediate rejection or in the revocation of admission and/or registration. You may also be reported to the LSAC Subcommittee for Misconduct and Irregularities in the Admissions Process for further action.