"I love Kingston!" No matter where our students come from, they soon fall in love with Canada's first capital. A beautiful downtown, dynamic food scene, affordable cost of living, and proximity to the law school makes it a city that's easy on the eyes, great for the wallet, and full of both indoor and outdoor surprises.

 A large majority of our students can reach the law school in less than 10 minutes... on foot. An average of 30% of other Canadian law students spend more than five hours per week commuting to class.

What does that mean to our students? It means less time and money spent commuting, and...

  • More time for their studies
  • More time with professors
  • More time for extracurriculars (we have over 30 clubs, five sports teams, and more)
  • More time with colleagues and friends
  • More time to explore career opportunities
  • More time to explore Kingston – the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, amazing outdoor infrastructure, and a thriving music and theatre scene

Queen's students are also integrated with the Kingston community in valuable, enriching ways. Our partnership with Pathways brings high-school students into the law school for a look at a possible future. We hold a summer camp for disadvantage youth every year, and other town-gown events like the Fall and Winter Classics (golf, hockey). The Queen's Law Clinics are located in the vibrant heart of Kingston, as well, serving clients where they live.