Lyon 3 has a student population of 22,500, including approximately 6,800 students attending the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Law offers a wide array of courses with a strong international law component. The Faculty of Law has a number of research teams, in the fields of Business Law, Taxation, Securities, Private Law, Public Law, Health Law, Comparative Law, and the History of Law and Political Science.

In 2007-08, Queen's Faculty of Law negotiated an arrangement permitting our JD students to study in the new LLM degree program in International and European Union Law, taught in English. The term dates for this program work well with the sessional dates at Queen's Faculty of Law.

Queen's JD students who take a full course load in the International and European Law LLM on exchange will obtain a Diploma in International and European Law. Upon successful completion of the Diploma and the Queen's JD, and within two years of the completion of the Diploma, Queen's graduates may return to UJM Lyon 3 as fee-paying students for one full semester to obtain an LLM degree from UJM Lyon 3.

Students fluent in French may take courses in the regular French LLB law program, but this exchange is available to Queen's law students in the second semester only. Queen's students studying in French may be eligible for Ontario government travel assistance under the Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program.

Note:  Health Insurance - A particular form of health insurance plan is required for all non-European foreign students under 28 years of age even if you have health insurance from Queen's or elsewhere.

Sessional Dates

LLM courses in English:

  • First Semester: September - mid-December
  • Second Semester: January - end of April

LLB courses in French: 2nd semester only possible

Full-time Course Load

Students must complete successfully courses equivalent to at least 30 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits, in order to obtain 15 transfer credits.