International Law Programs graduates and friends of the programs are invited to join a network of alumni willing to take part in events and provide career advice or mentorship to current students. Those working or with experience in international law are especially encouraged to participate.  

Members of the network will receive occasional updates about the International Law Programs and may be invited to take part in panels or events. Members will also be contacted by students interested in learning about their career path and obtaining informal career information and advice.  Students will be told that conversations with alumni will not be connected to recruitment by the alumni or their employers.

If you are willing to participate, please email me at and provide the following information:

  • Law school graduation year (not castle program year)
  • Law school (if not Queen’s)
  • Email address to be given to students
  • Did you do the IBL or PIL program?
  • Current employer, position, and city
  • Other positions since law school
  • Other relevant experience (internships, moots, etc - any law-related experience other than employment)

Your name, email address, and a summary of your experience will be provided to all current students.

Thanks for your support of the International Law Programs and our students.

Gillian Ready
Program Director, International Law Programs