If you’re a Kingston-area senior, or know a senior in need of legal assistance, please visit the Queen’s Elder Law Clinic site

Students can explore a growing and socially relevant area of law at the Queen’s Elder Law Clinic (QELC) – the first clinic of its kind in Canada. Your clients will be Kingston-area seniors who would otherwise have difficulty affording legal counsel. You will work with these clients planning wills and powers of attorney, assisting them as they complete guardianship applications or certificates of appointment. You will handle files such as elder discrimination, abuse and neglect, under the supervision of the clinic director and review counsel.

In addition to serving clients, you may also have opportunities to present seminars to community and professional groups on issues related to aging. 

The QELC has several student caseworker positions every term as part of a two-semester credit course, and operates year-round by employing one paid student caseworker in the summer.

To learn more about Elder Law from a clinic student's perspective, read "Why Elder Law Matters," by Julia Zisser, in the Queen's Law online student magazine Juris Diction.