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The Faculty of Law at Queen’s is an academic community dedicated to excellence in legal research and scholarship. For more than 60 years, the work of Queen’s Law professors has influenced legal ideas and practice in Canada and beyond. Through books, journal articles, reports, conference proceedings, and submissions to the judiciary, governments and international organizations, members of our faculty have helped to define the contours of the law as a fundamental human value.

Scholarly research at Queen’s is diverse. It ranges from critical analysis of legal doctrine and proposals for reform in legislation and practice to theoretical reflection on law’s normative assumptions. It is interdisciplinary in focus, comparative in nature, and international in relevance. It is valued by lawyers and judges confronted by hard cases, by governments, legislatures and policy-makers challenged by social problems, by philosophers seeking to understand law’s place within diverse communities and nations, and, of course, by law students engaged in the task of legal learning.

Faculty members maintain research links with related departments at Queen’s, including Medicine, Business, Policy Studies, Political Studies, Economics, Women’s Studies, Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology. Faculty members are also engaged in projects with legal scholars at other universities and institutions across the country and around the world.

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For further requests for research information, contact Michael PrattAssociate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies, at m.pratt@queensu.ca.