How do you build a law degree?

Program Roadmap

1. Build out your foundation in first year. 

2. Explore your options in second year. 

3. Prepare for graduation in third year. 

The Juris Doctor (JD) professional degree program provides the educational foundation to practice law in all common-law jurisdictions in Canada and around the world. 

To chart out your own law school path, click on the image above to view your roadmap

The Admissions Committee uses a holistic approach to applications that considers several factors in addition to grades and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) results. We endorse the goal that the geographic, ethnic, cultural, racial and socio-economic diversity of the Canadian population should be reflected in the ranks of those granted access to legal education.

Our Faculty of Law is enriched by the skills, knowledge and experiences of students who have been community leaders, excelled in extracurricular activities and enjoyed success in careers prior to the pursuit of a legal education as much as we benefit from students with inquiring minds who have excelled consistently in a broad range of academic disciplines.

As an applicant, you must have successfully completed a minimum of 3 full years of course work (or equivalent) in a degree program at a postsecondary institution that provides an academic environment and education that prepares students for potential success in advanced study at Queen’s.

Visit the University Secretariat website for the Senate Policy on the Basis of Admission for Advanced Study and the interpretation guidelines.

The Admissions Committee reviews the nature and content of the undergraduate and graduate programs undertaken. Enrollment at full course load, scholarships, awards and prizes received, the level of the degree obtained (i.e., honours vs. general), consistency and improvement in academic performance, and successful completion of graduate work are weighed positively.

LSAT Requirement

  • You are required to take the LSAT.
  • LSAT scores for the past 5 years may be used.
  • The January test score is the latest score accepted for admission in the current admission cycle.
  • The Admissions Committee will rely primarily on the highest score achieved at the time of the admission decision.