See the Office of University Registrar (OUR) website for information on the following:

  • Tuition Fees. Graduate student information can be found under ‘Graduate and Professional Tuition'
  • Payment Methods. Dates and deadlines.It is recommended that students pay their tuition by the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPL)

LLM Funding

Most of our LLM students receive merit-based funding of between $5,000 and $10,000.

PhD Funding

Queen’s Law is committed to providing PhD students with as much assistance as possible: if you do not obtain external funding, you will receive a guaranteed funding package of at least $20,000 a year for each of the four years of the PhD program.

Applicants are encouraged to make every effort to obtain assistance from external funding sources to ensure adequate financial assistance. The Queen's School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs requires that all who are eligible apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship program and for other scholarships and available funding as a condition to being considered for Queen's University internal awards and fellowships.

External Awards

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Promoting and supporting research and research training in the social sciences and humanities in Canada. SSHRC supports research on the economic, political, social and cultural dimensions of human activity.

If awarded a SSHRC in your first year of study in either the LLM or PhD program Queen’s University will award a top-up Tri-Agency Recipient Recognition Award (TARRA). Master’s is valued at $5,000 and PhD is valued at $10,000. This is a one-time non-renewable award.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program is designed to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by offering them a significant financial award to assist them during their studies at Canadian universities. Vanier Scholars demonstrate leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in the social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health-related fields. Canadian and international students are eligible to be nominated for a Vanier CGS, which is valued at $50,000 per year for up to three years.

Trudeau Foundation Scholarship
The Trudeau Scholarship is the most prestigious doctoral award in Canada. It offers the opportunity to interact within an exceptional community of leaders and committed individuals in every field of the social sciences and humanities. The Foundation supports doctoral degree candidates pursuing research of compelling present-day concern, touching upon one or more of the four themes of the Foundation: Human Rights and Dignity; Responsible Citizenship; Canada in the World; and People and their Natural Environment. Valued at up to $60,000 per year for a maximum of four years.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)
Domestic applicants applying to our program should concurrently apply for an OGS award. Continuing domestic graduate students eligible for an OGS award should also submit an application. Students must apply for OGS at each Ontario University that they want to be considered by. Valued at $15,000, applicants must apply each year.

International applicants and continuing international students please see the ‘Awards for International Students’ section.

Queen’s Graduate Fellowships (QGF)

New incoming and continuing graduate students who do not have external funding are considered for Queen’s Graduate Fellowships/Scholarships (QGF) for which they qualify. No separate application is necessary. Applicants/students who self-identify as being eligible will be considered for awards with special criteria. The awards are valued between $4,000 and $15,000 and are awarded on a competitive basis. Nomination and selection of applicants takes place May/June.

Some of the scholarships/fellowships our students are nominated for most frequently are:

  • Duncan and Urlla Carmichael Fellowship
  • Graduate Tuition Entrance Award (GETA)
  • Huntley Macdonald Sinclair Tuition Fellowship
  • Louisa A. Fowler Graduate Fellowship
  • R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship
  • Morgan Brown Scholarship
  • Senator Frank Carrel Fellowship
  • Teyonkwayenawá:kon Graduate Scholarship
  • The Grace L. Boileau Graduate Award
  • Trevor C. Holland Fellowship

Faculty of Law Awards/Fellowships

New and continuing graduate students are considered for the following Awards and Fellowships. No separate application is necessary. Applicants who self-identify as being eligible will be considered for awards with special criteria.

The Robert Sutherland Fellowship in Law
The Robert Sutherland Fellowship in Law is named after an extraordinary 1852 alumnus of Queen’s who was the first black graduate of an Ontario university and the first lawyer of colour in British North America. The Sutherland Fellowship is available exclusively to students from Caribbean nations who choose to pursue their LLM or their PhD in Law at Queen’s.

The Law Visible Minorities and Indigenous Students Award
Awarded on the basis of academic excellence to funding eligible graduate students enrolled in one of the graduate programs in the Faculty of Law. Recipients must be members of a visible minority or of Canadian Indigenous descent.

Bruce C. McDonald Memorial LLM Entrance Award
Established in memory of Bruce C. McDonald, LLB'63, by friends, colleagues, and co-workers, on the basis of academic excellence to funding eligible Master’s or doctoral students enrolled in Law.

H.R. Stuart Ryan Fellowship in Law for Students from the International Commonwealth
The H.R. Stuart Ryan Fellowship in Law is reserved for international students from any Commonwealth country enrolled in a PhD program at Queen’s Law. The recipient of this Fellowship may be eligible to receive funding in each of the four years of doctoral study.

The Michael D. Failes Graduate Fellowship in Labour and Employment Law
Established in December 2012 by students, friends and colleagues in memory of Michael D. Failes, LLM’86, and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to funding eligible students registered in the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs as full-time first-year students in the LLM program or full-time students in the PhD program in Law, who have a stated research interest in the area of labour and employment law.

The Daniel Soberman PhD Scholarship in Constitutional and Federalism Studies
Established in March 2012 by Daniel Soberman, LLD’08, and Patricia Soberman, MA’63, in recognition of Daniel’s leadership as Dean, Faculty of Law, in establishing the Faculty of Law’s LLM program in 1969 and awarded to students registered in the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs full-time in years one through four inclusive of the PhD degree program in Law. Recipients must have a demonstrated interest in constitutional law and federalism studies.

The Eric W. Cross Fellowship in Law
Established in May 2009 by the Estate of Daphne Cross in memory of her father Eric W. Cross (BA’24, MA’25) and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to funding-eligible graduate students enrolled in one of the graduate programs in the Faculty of Law.

Awards for International Students

Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS)
Foreign students who are studying in Ontario under a temporary resident visa - student study permit, under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) are eligible for the allotted visa student awards. Competition for these awards takes place in May/June.

Other Financial Sources

Commonwealth Scholarship Program
The Commonwealth Scholarship program is for Commonwealth citizens from outside Canada, and we have had international students attend on scholarships that they have arranged from such sources as the World Bank and Rotary International.

Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS)
The SGPS and Queen's offer a number of awards and support opportunities for graduate and professional students. Check Awards and Support for information on scholarships, bursaries, grants, emergency student aid and other financial help opportunities available.

Queen’s General Bursary
These bursaries are meant to assist those students in the greatest financial difficulty. The Queen's General Bursary is a non-repayable grant available to students in all years of study who have a demonstrated financial need. The Queen's General Bursary is meant to supplement, not replace student and family resources. Students are expected to explore all sources of available funding prior to applying for a bursary.

Work Study Program
The Work Study program is offered to provide students with demonstrated financial need with the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their studies. The Work Study Program is a need-based program, meant to supplement, not replace, government student assistance, student and family contribution and a student line of credit.  Students must demonstrate a financial need over resources available to them in order to be eligible for the program.

Travel Awards

Conference Travel Awards

Every Master of Laws and Doctor of Philosophy in Law student is entitled to a Conference Travel Award in support of his or her travel, accommodation and registration fee in relation to one conference per year in which the student presents a paper. Awards are available during the first year of study for full-time LL.M. students and during each of the first four years of study for full-time Ph.D. students.  Part-time LL.M. students are eligible for one Conference Award during the first two years of study.  Part-time Ph.D. students are eligible for one Conference Award every two years, to a maximum of four awards in total. Precise amounts of Awards may vary slightly from year to year subject to the availability of funding and the demands on our funding each year.

Graduate Dean’s Travel Grant

The Graduate Dean's Travel Award for Doctoral Field Research provides financial support for doctoral students pursuing dissertation research at a considerable distance from Queen's. Awards will be made through a competition that takes place December/January.  The maximum value of the award is $3,000.