OLSAS Fee Waiver

The Fee Waiver Forms and documentation can be sent by email attachment to jd@queensu.ca.

Applying for an OLSAS fee waiver

Required documentation: 

  1. Queen's University, Faculty of Law, Application for Fee Waiver
  2. Cover letter (explaining applicant's financial situation). The letter must include the OLSAS Username, address, email address, and phone number.  
  3. Copies of documents supporting current financial situation (most recent Social assistance payments, income tax forms etc.). 
  4. Copy of OSAP Notice of Assessment or Government Student Assistance from other Provinces (for both the Provincial and the Federal portions), for all the years attending a post secondary institution. The documents should include your name and account number.

Important Information 

  • The Application Fee Waiver applies only to the $115.00 Application Fee for Queen's University.
  • In order to process your request for an OLSAS fee waiver, you are required to submit the completed and signed application accompanied with all the relevant documentation.
  • The Faculty of Law will notify you and OLSAS, via email, of the approved Queen's University Application Fee Waiver.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • Please allow at least two weeks for processing of your Fee Waiver Applications.
  • The granting of fee waivers is discretionary and will be granted only to those whose total income from all sources is below the levels established by the Canadian Student Loan Program.

Late Application Request

Late applications can be submitted only with the permission of the Admissions Committee. Requests for permission to submit a late application must detail all relevant circumstances relied upon. Candidates seeking late admission must meet competitive standards for admission.

Required documentation (on the understanding that official copies are required to support your application through OLSAS if you are granted permission to apply): 

  1. Late Application Request Form (PDF, 85KB)
  2. Unofficial copy of your transcripts
  3. LSAT score report (if you have already written it)

The Late Application Request Form and documentation can be sent by email attachment to jd@queensu.ca.

Deferral Request

A deferral of admission for one year may be granted by request in writing to the Assistant Dean of Students. Deferral may be granted if the application is competitive and if there are reasonable grounds to support the request for deferral. Candidates seeking deferral will be required to provide a firm acceptance to Queen’s and pay a non-refundable acceptance deposit that will be applied toward tuition on registration.

The Deferral Request Form can be sent by email attachment to jd@queensu.ca.