Queen’s Law students play a central part in bringing out two fully refereed scholarly law reviews.

Queen’s Law Journal (QLJ) 

The QLJ is one of Canada’s leading general law reviews, and is produced by a student editorial board under the direction of faculty advisors.

Queen's Law Journal

Canadian Labour and Employment Law Journal (CLELJ)  

The CLELJ is Canada’s only specialized labour and employment law journal. It is a collaborative publication of the Queen’s Centre for Law in the Contemporary Workplace and Lancaster House, a Toronto labour law publisher. A team of student editors work on the CLELJ under the guidance of senior faculty editors, including Bernie Adell and Kevin Banks.

The application, training and editing processes of the two journals are integrated to some extent. Students who work on both journals receive hands-on training and experience in legal research and writing, in dealing with submissions from academics and scholarly practitioners, and in the planning and production of a major publication. First-year students are invited to apply for positions as volunteer editorial assistants. Student editors are chosen in their upper years by competitive application.