In recognition of the academic achievement by students accepted to, and enrolled in Queen's Law, a multitude of merit-based awards have been established. We thank our numerous donors for their continuing generous support in funding these awards and in creating new award funds each year.

Fall Scholarships - Apply Now

Applications close October 31st.

Awards Available To All Students

The Faculty of Law Dean’s Council Diversity Awards

Established in November 2003 by the Faculty of Law Dean’s Council. Three awards will be available annually to students in any year of studies in the Faculty of Law whose past experience enables them to bring a greater diversity to the complement of students in the Faculty of Law and ultimately to the practice of law. Students must demonstrate a substantial contribution to diversity related issues either in law school or prior to attending law school.

Agnes Lefas Memorial Scholarship

Established in October 2002 by friends and colleagues in memory of Agnes Lefas, J.D. 1979, and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to a student in the Queen's Faculty of Law with a demonstrated interest in civil law or the study of international business law in common and civil law jurisdictions, including (a) a student taking a civil law course in any year of their J.D. program at Queen's Faculty of Law, or (b) a student enrolled at Queen's Faculty of Law in the Civil Law/Common Law Joint Degree Program, or (c) a student in the LL.M. program at Queen's Faculty of Law with a study/research focus on areas related to civil law, including private international law.

Notice to Common Law/Civil Law combined degree program students: Although you are taking first-year J.D. courses, you are not considered first-year JD students. Since you graduate at the end of this year, you are considered third-year students for the purposes of these fall scholarships. You are eligible for the Agnes Lefas Memorial Scholarship and you will be considered automatically, without further application, for the Senator Frank Carrel Scholarship based on domicile in Quebec.

Senator Frank Carrel Scholarship (No application required; students automatically considered based on Quebec domicile)

Established at Queen’s University through the generosity of the late Senator Frank Carrel, noted publisher, executive and author who represented the Gulf Division in the Legislative Council of the Province of Quebec for many years prior to his death in 1940. Candidates for Carrel Scholarships must for at least one year prior to their application for admission to Queen’s University (or for at least one year prior to 30 April if enrolled in an upper year) have been and remain until the expiry of their scholarship domiciled in the Province of Quebec and as far as possible in the City or County of Quebec or in the Gulf Region of the Legislative Council of Quebec as constituted at 30 July, 1940 (including Rimouski, Bonaventure, Gaspe-est, Gaspe-ouest and Iles de la Madeleine). Several scholarships are awarded annually for general proficiency in the work of the previous year. All eligible candidates will be considered automatically.

Awards Available To First-Year Students

Note to newly admitted combined MIR/JD, MPA/JD and MA(Econ)/JD Students registered in the first year of the combined programs as graduate students. You are not eligible to apply for these scholarships until next year when you will be registered as JD students for the first-time.

Newton Rowell Entrance Scholarship in Law

Established by the Honourable Henry N.R. Jackman, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in honour of his grandfather, Newton Wesley Rowell. Three entrance scholarships to be awarded annually to students entering the first year of the Juris Doctor program on the basis of academic excellence and a demonstrated interest in, and commitment to, public service. Applications are encouraged from students outside Ontario and from aboriginal peoples and members of racial minorities.

The David and Pearl Tobias Entrance Scholarship

Established by Mr. Norman C. Tobias, a Toronto tax lawyer and associate professor, Faculty of Law, Queens University, in honour of his parents, David and Pearl Tobias. Awarded to a first year law student each year whose undergraduate record (without taking into account LSAT scores) reflects outstanding achievement in academics, extra-curricular activities, leadership and character, as determined by the Faculty of Law.

The Allan Findlay Memorial Scholarship (Award date every three years; next award date 2019)

Established by the partners of the late Allan Findlay, Q.C., this scholarship is awarded to a first-year student on a rotation with two other Ontario law schools. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of undergraduate academic record and participation in extracurricular affairs, including athletics, debating, student government, drama and the student newspaper.

Awards Available for Second-Year Students

C. Douglas MacLeod Memorial Scholarship

The C. Douglas MacLeod Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student completing the second year of the J.D. or J.D. program. The scholarship recipient will be selected based upon general scholastic achievement with particular emphasis on outstanding performance in courses on constitutional and administrative law. Equal consideration shall also be given to the candidates' other contributions to the Faculty of Law and the University such as participation in Faculty and University governance, student government, athletics, other extracurricular activities and participation in community projects both legal and non-legal. The scholarship is awarded in memory of Doug MacLeod who was a scholar, athlete and eclectic participant in all school matters though his years at Queen's, the London School of Economics and as a teacher at Dalhousie University. Doug was also recognized as one of the pre-eminent transportation law counsel in Canada, and was the founding President of the Canadian Transportation Lawyers Association.

Note: Many second-year students have not yet had the chance to take Administrative Law, so we encourage you to apply for this scholarship on the basis of all the other criteria.

Medals, Dean’s Scholar Awards and Dean’s Honour List

Medals in Law are awarded annually to the graduating students obtaining the top three cumulative averages. Dean’s Scholar Awards are awarded annually to full-time students in each year of law who obtain the top three averages in their classes. Students whose averages place them within the top 10% of their class in each of the three years of study are named to the Dean’s Honour List. For details see the Dean’s Honour List and Medal Policy in the Academic Calendar.