Program Structure

Queen’s Law has joined with the Department of Economics to offer a combined program that allows students to obtain both an MA and JD degree in three years. The program provides highly focused interdisciplinary training for students interested in the many areas where law and economic analysis intersect, for example, international trade law and policy, corporate law and policy, competition law and policy, environmental and resource management and tax law and policy. Combined MA (Econ)/JD students will receive excellent training and gain a strong comparative advantage to pursue careers in specialized legal work that requires knowledge of economic theory and social science methods, high-level policy work and academia.

Admission to MA (Econ)/JD

Applicants must meet the admission requirements of both the JD degree and the MA (Economics) programs. Selection for admission to the combined program is not guaranteed to applicants who meet only the minimum criteria for admission. A maximum of five students per year will be admitted to the program.

Separate simultaneous applications to both the Faculty of Law and Graduate Studies are required. Applicants should indicate that they wish to be considered for the combined program in their MA application. Late applications may still be considered, but early applications are encouraged.

The minimum requirements for admission to the combined program are: 

  • Completion of an Honours BA in Economics or a related field (e.g. Math, Physics, Finance). Most students admitted to the MA will have a B+ average as a minimum. Most successful JD applicants will generally have at least a B+ average cumulatively and A- average in the final two years of their undergraduate program.
  • LSAT score ≥160 (80th percentile).
  • Applicants whose previous degree is not from a Canadian or U.S. university are required to submit the results from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).
  • If applicable, an acceptable score on an approved English facility test is also required (TOEFL).
  • Two academic references are required to support the application for the graduate degree.