Queen’s Law staff are here to support students and help facilitate their success in the JD program. We want students to enjoy their time at Queen’s Law and encourage students to explore all the opportunities available, both academic and co-curricular, while pursuing your degree. There are many things students may do with the law degree and it is our job to assist students so that they are able to use their degree to pursue their dreams and launch a fulfilling career. 

Through our Education & Equity Office, we provide accommodation supports and counselling to students in our JD program. We also have an extensive peer tutoring program to help students with the new challenges of a legal program. We have in-house support to apprise you of financial aid resources, awards and scholarships. In addition, we offer programming to embrace and celebrate the diversity of our student body, including an Indigenous Support and Recruitment Coordinator who hosts various events throughout the year open to all our students. We also support a variety of community outreach events designed to build connections for our students beyond the law school and develop within our students a sense of their professional responsibilities to be leaders in their communities wherever they ultimately reside.