What is it like to live at the BISC?

Students and faculty live in separate wings of Bader Hall residence, a modern building which is a 5-minute walk through the castle grounds. The residence is similar to university residences in North America. Most students live two to a room, and bathroom facilities are shared. Single rooms are available for an additional fee. Meals are served cafeteria-style in the castle's dining hall. There are options for vegans and vegetarians with every meal, and dietary needs can be accommodated.

How far is the BISC from London?

The BISC is approximately 100 km from central London. Travel time is approximately two hours by taxi and an hour and a half by train. Train tickets can be purchased for between £17 ($27 CA) and £31 ($50 CA) for a day-return, depending on the time of travel and how far in advance you book your ticket. The closest train station to the BISC is Polegate, which is 15 minutes away; it costs about £17 ($28 CA) to get there by taxi.

What activities are available in the area surrounding the BISC?

The BISC is located in a rural area. The nearest local shops are a twenty-five minute walk away. More extensive shopping and other activities, including movies, pubs, restaurants, etc. are available in Eastbourne, a 25-minute drive from the BISC. Mini-buses make free trips from the BISC into Eastbourne and other surrounding towns several times each week. The nearest night clubs are in Eastbourne and the taxi fare back to the BISC at night is £22-£27 ($36-$45 CA). After midnight the fare may increase to £25-£30 ($41-$50 CA).

Please visit 1066 Country or Things to do in East Sussex to get more information on activities available in the area surrounding the BISC.

Will I have time to travel on my own?

Classes are held Monday through Thursday, with the occasional Fridays; students in each of the programs have a few week days during the course with no classes. Coursework at the BISC is demanding but flexible enough that students can travel on weekends. Many students also choose to travel in Europe after the spring term.

How diverse is the student body at the BISC?

As at any law school, the students are of various ages and have varied undergraduate degrees and wide-ranging life experiences. The program is also open to international students who meet the law program's admission requirements. In addition to the law program, there are students from various Canadian and American universities taking arts and science undergraduate courses at the BISC during the spring term.